Chloe is an Ambulance-Hopper

This is a really really short update.

Chloe had her surgery on Monday. So far, it seems to have gone well, but I'm not going to come to any conclusions yet. After a week or two, I'll give you my more definitive opinion about her condition.

Anyhow, she's been recovering for the last two days, and she was taken off of the ventillator yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon. She's being transported back to Utah Valley this afternoon, which is REALLY NICE since we'd rather have her in Provo than in Salt Lake.

I'm actually really surprised that the insurance company agreed to move her, since she has been transported back to Provo (and then back to SLC again) once already. I would have thought that they would have refused to pay for the transport, since it wasn't really necessary anyhow.

That's all for today. (I told you it would be short)


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